Bench jeans

The friend who helped me set up ebay today. We checked my account and the shoes listing. It’s had 10 views and  4 watchers. Apparently, that’s quite good. When Linds sold her dress, she’d had 4 watchers. Fingers crossed. I put on the Bench jeans and we photographed them. I preferred the photos we took of the jeans laid out on the (clean) floor but Linds said it would accentuate the nice fit if I wore them. I think it just showed off all the Christmas goose I’d eaten a couple of weeks ago and the close up shot of my bum (to show the label) is cringe-making, but there you go. I had to swap around the front and back photos so that the back is the first pic as it’s slightly more flattering. If nothing happens, the floor photos will go up instead.

day 2

So I check my emails and there are a couple from ebay. I got excited, I thought it meant someone had checked out the shoes. But they were just welcome messages.

Then I signed into ebay and saw that there was a message for me. That got my hopes up too. But again, it was just a welcome message from ebay. There is a section where it says “Views/Watched etc” and underneath was a number 7. I left the page briefly and then returned to it. The number had risen to 9. What does that mean? My friend said that Watchers were much more important than Viewers but I can’t work out what’s what. So I’ll look into it and find out.

Just in case you’re interested, these are the shoes.


Ah, there are now 10 views and 2 watchers. This can’t be bad. It’s a confusing thing. The website has so many tabs and options, it took me a good 5 mins to work out where the page was with this info. Exciting though.

step 1

New year’s resolutions are for other people, something to go back to work and talk about. But then I got thinking. Christmas is  good time for that – no work, extended period of time to actually do stuff you’ve been meaning to do all year. And, besides the thinking, I got loads of stuff done. I hardly watched any TV and that got me thinking even more. I also got an ipad for Christmas. It has a keyboard so you can actuall, like, type stuff. Hence my addiction with technology is finally starting. Without TV, there is so much more time. There’s time to think and time to read and time to not worry about how little time you have left til bedtime.

All this, added to the fact that a change in circumstances over the past couple of years, means that I have stuff to get rid of. Decent stuff, stuff that it would be a shame to just throw out or give to charity. So I decided I was going to learn how to use ebay, and write about it.

Back in London on the 4th, with a whole day to get started, and then too much time to get other useful stuff done without TV, and a lot of procrastination. So I didn’t set up an ebay account and I didn’t start a blog. The first week back at work was spent telling everyone I’d given up TV and that I was going to sell loads of stuff on ebay and write a blog about it. And it wasn’t until my friend invited me over to hers that I asked if I brought extra wine, could she show me how to use ebay.

Recently a new ebay user herself, she went through the motions and helped set me up. It was not hard. Sometimes you just have to stop talking, stop thinking and just do it. So I photographed a pair of party shoes that I’d stupidly tried on with socks on, even though they would eventually be worn with a dress and tights. I spent the whole evening looking like a child who’s tried on her mum’s shoes with way too much space in the heel  and ended up with a smart pair of shoes I couldn’t wear ever again.

So I photographed them and uploaded them and put a price of £4. It’s January and there are sales on and everyone’s skint.

So there we go. Let’s see what happens.