Decluttering in times of corona

In these days of corona, I have no client contact – no face to face work, and it’s a struggle, I miss it. My mum, who’s retired but usually busy, said yesterday, ‘we’re all a bit rudderless, aren’t we?’ And she’s right. So how am I planning my day? There are a few anchors: meditating, pilates, Writer’s Hour, tennis, lunch, skipping and dinner, and I keep reminding myself to make the most of all the thinking and reading time corona is allowing me. But I also need an income, so I’m thankful for all those delivery companies out there staying open, so I can keep the sales side of my business open. When I declutter, I visit my client’s homes and we tackle an area or a room during each session. I offer to take away anything they decide to let go of, so they can see the immediate effect of the new space and I promise not to throw anything away. I recycle it, donate it and sometimes sell it. So quite a few hours in my day is taken up sorting through decluttered things and listing some of them online. Yesterday, I took, amongst other things, a Cabbage Patch doll, a pair of Vera Wang champagne flutes and a vintage collection of beer mats. The day before I was sending a vintage pair of Fred Perry shorts, a job lot of Lancome make up and 47 antique Hogarth black and white line-cut prints.

I’m often a bit slow at sorting through things, especially if it involves listing lots of things online – it takes time and I get distracted. Right now, I’m grateful for that fact as I’m currently not decluttering new things, and my storage space isn’t quite so groaning at the seams as it sometimes is. With the charity shops shut and the car boot sale and recycling centre too, there are some nice little piles of things ready to find new homes but apart from that it’s looking good.

Watching the news, which I am actually doing during corona (usually I find it full of arguments and speculation, both of which drive me mad), there are interviews with glass half full people and glass half empty people and I love hearing what the glass half full people have to say. These guys are still struggling with keeping their kids entertained for 12 hours a day, still putting them at risk if they’re key workers, have no more space than the rest of us, but they’re seeing the funny side, dwelling on the good bits, looking to the future. I love that. It’s hard but I’m determined to be one of those people. I have little income right now, my husband isn’t getting the treatment he would otherwise be getting from the NHS for his chronic illness, I miss being around lots of people, but there are joys to the lockdown. I never would have written this blog for example.

So back to the decluttering, I’m thanking this forced break, this involuntary holiday for giving me the time to work through all the stuff and finding new homes for it all.

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I combine my passion for writing with updates on my decluttering business, which sometimes includes ebay sales. Yabber is 'ebay' written backwards-ish. And I do yabber on a bit.

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