Week 4 of our And The Future? sustainability campaign

Was it luck, or serendipity, that put Lisa and I together, both passionate about sustainability, to turn an idea into something tangible, with a great name, and get people online signing up to our 6 week sustainability bootcamp.

Being involved in this, and bouncing ideas off each other, we’ve come up with some great challenges, some that are actually doable with little effort, no cost and some that have made me think more than ever about my life and how I can change it to be even more green.

The zero waste movement requires really rather a lot of effort if you are going to go 100% zero waste, or create a jam jar of waste once every four years, but there is so much we can do to enhance this part of our lives. I’ve just finished an organised race, which involved running (or in my case shuffling) 105 miles over 4 days in Ireland. I always say to myself I won’t accept the medal or the t-shirt, not to mention the goody bag, free food etc but I get pulled in all the hype and can’t say no to any of it. The goody bag in itself was a pretty useful drawstring backpack, but filled with a plastic disposable water bottle, which I could have given back, some gels which I don’t even like, some bars, which I didn’t need, another plastic bag inside, which was completely surplus to requirements, and a banana and a satsuma, which I could have taken without any packaging whatsoever. The medals were 4 enormous, heavy metal things. Unique and beautifully designed, yes, but something I really, really don’t need. Each came with a lanyard, which I used around my neck for a maximum of 5 minutes each time, and now that the medals have all been screwed neatly together with 4 metal screws, I have no need for 3 of them. The t-shirt is not really my style and even if it was, I do not need another running tshirt.

I’m annoyed at myself for accepting all this, admittedly unique and fun, tat, most of which I will have to get rid of in the near future as I have no place for it. I know myself and know that I won’t be able to say no to the tat on the next race I do but will set myself the challenge of not accepting any of it on the ACC, all of which I already have, and it’s the taking part that counts.

One thing I avoided when I could at the Quadrathon over the past 4 days was accepting a bottle of water at each of the aid stations. I had my own water, filled up from half empty bottles when I could and was upset when I had to fill from a brand new bottle. Disposable plastic water bottles are now abhorrent to me, I hate the very look of them, and I’d have to be in a very desperate, thirsty state to ever buy one. Hurray to that.

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