Office clearance

As I come to the end of possibly the largest self-employed work so far in my new guise as a declutterer it’s time for a blog. Some things fall in your lap and you can’t say no. They turn into full-on, stressful work and sometimes make you wonder about your sanity but you do them anyway. And when they’re all over, you’ve done something new, networked and made new contacts, made mistakes and learned from them and are ready to move onto the next new thing.

This week has been interesting and challenging and I wouldn’t swap it for my old job in a million years. Having dragged, lifted and lumped, boxes, chairs and one enormous leather sofa down three flights of stairs, the place is nearly empty and I’ve never felt fitter. The lovely guys across the road, getting set to rip out the interior of this building over the next month have said they’ll take some of the stuff. David and Luca came over, along with Niall, and took the final few chairs, remaining bins, and an A-frame signboard ‘for my neighbour’s pizzeria,’ all this meaning we don’t need to pay for an any junk van.

I thought I was done, and then found about 17 hand painted wooden signs from the first Escape to the Woods festival, some of which were taken as mementos and one was picked by a small girl, it’ll look awesome in her bedroom. The wooden wine boxes have been used to create furniture in various homes across London, the almost acres of fake grass was taken to decorate someone’s basement. The sofa was sent to a shabby chic workshop in Devon, and the dining table, aka the ping pong table, along with several house plants went to a place in south London in someone’s Lexus.

The awesome hairpin table legs and gorgeous wooden tabletops, mainly used as desks in the office, went to various homes, sooo popular. I was amazed at how much people can fit in their cars. The dining table fit in a large Lexus, and 3 hairpin leg tables went in a Prius, stopping only when the suspension looked dangerously low.

I was amazed at how many people came to collect with their kids, some helpful, most just wanting to play on their parent’s mobile phones, bribery for coming along on the journey.

All that remained was the ply flooring, a toilet roll or two and unswept remains of feather boas from the dressing up box

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I combine my passion for writing with updates on my decluttering business, which sometimes includes ebay sales. Yabber is 'ebay' written backwards-ish. And I do yabber on a bit.

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