Decluttering inspiration from Alex James

A little late to the party, I’m reading Alex James’s autobiography ‘bit of a blur,’ it’s an easy read and great fun, and I’m only on page 76 so the unadulterated, uncensored showbiz celebrity madness is only just starting. I was inspired by a phrase, and it resonates with a massive part of my life right now. He says, ‘I paid the support band’s roadie to help move all our crap up from New Cross. Everything we owned fitted into his van quite easily and it all looked reovltingly dirty in the pristine new flat. There was an old tapestry screen that had seemed quite exotic in the borough of Lewisham; it looked like junk in Covent Garden. We didn’t have a fridge and there was no furniture, but it didn’t matter. I quite liked not having anything. Having nothing is quite relaxing. Being alive and in the middle of the chase was all that mattered. You can live without chairs, but you can’t live without dreams.’

It’s true, having lived in our newly refurbished house for a few months with only a bed and a couple of stools, you don’t need chairs, or stuff. A phrase I use often states that, in order to survive, we need water, food, shelter and clothes (although it’s easy to abuse this last one, and we all do, including me, albeit to an increasing lesser extent). Dreams on the other hand, ideas and energy to get them off the ground, are integral to parts of our lives. Our modern lives, where so much is handed to us on a plate. It’s what differentiates us from other people. And is the difference between surviving, and living life to the full, because, let’s face it, we’re not going to be here forever, with the exception perhaps of Stephen Hawking. Have a think about your legacy, what you will leave in this world when you’re gone. Will it be a collection of high street brands in your wardrobe, or an idea that will inspire others and enable them to dream?

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I combine my passion for writing with updates on my decluttering business, which sometimes includes ebay sales. Yabber is 'ebay' written backwards-ish. And I do yabber on a bit.

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