Space police

My first blog talked about the first item I owned that I ebayed and then I wrote about my subsequent foray into decluttering myself, before working with other people and helping them to declutter a few things from their lovely, but full, homes.

I look back and must have been inspired by Space Police, my husband, who needed to tidy away things, find a space for everything, complain rightly although frustratingly for me at first, about how much stuff I had that I didn’t actually need. I don’t think I have hoarder tendencies but I do like things and can’t bear to see anything go to waste or landfill.

So the inspiration  was borne from a frustration, and has turned me into an intentionally mindful green person, environmental, sustainable. I love nothing better than to give an unloved item of clothing or beautiful piece of furniture or thing a new home. Repurposing and upcycling are dreams I aspire to. But for now, I will be space police and find new homes for cluttered objects and make sure everything I own has a space.

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Light Style Space

I combine my passion for writing with updates on my decluttering business, which sometimes includes ebay sales. Yabber is 'ebay' written backwards-ish. And I do yabber on a bit.

2 thoughts on “Space police”

  1. I have a plan that I may put into action soon.
    I have items that I’d like to pass on. I would also like to encourage people to write green star reviews.
    So.. I’m thinking of combining these two and having competitions where the best green star review will win an item that I’m giving away!
    What do you think?


  2. I’d be interested in knowing what items you have to pass on. I think it’s a very sweet idea, but as a declutterer and minimaliser, my concern is that you would be enabling someone with hoarder tendencies to hold onto stuff. One of my passions is running and I’ve committed to running one ultra marathon per month this year. I find it hard to say no to the medal and tshirt at the end, and guess what, they end up in my cupboard doing not very much. That said, if the item is something like a bamboo toothbrush, a composter (I’ve just bought one) or a snack with compostable packaging it would be ‘on message’ and a great idea. Hope that helps.


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