I’m giving up palm oil for Lent

and possibly beyond. It’s number three on a challenge for a year of living cleaner and greener. Palm oil or palm fat, or sometimes just labelled ‘palm’ in amongst a list of fats on the list of ingredients on some packets, and the way its grown encourages deforestation and climate change. It is in sooooo many products we eat on a daily basis. At first, it looks like hard work to avoid it. Many, many processed foods, including some of my favourites, use it. Some supermarkets and other brands are particularly guilty of using it. Of course, because it makes some foods taste really yummy. Then, I looked into it further. Anything that is processed and sweet is likely to have it in. Easy to cut out then. It may not help me lose weight as there is so much other stuff I can eat instead, or other brands that are way more ethical and I’m enjoying the challenge.

The thing I’m missing most is Cadbury Mini Eggs. Boxing day comes around every year and almost immediately the mini eggs are rolling out onto the shelves, almost as if they’ve been caged up in the dark for several months and they’re desperate to get out. But they have palm fat in them. As do a really rather large selection of Easter related goodies.

And the other thing is Soreen Malt Loaf. Yep, it has it in. So that’s no more malt loaf for me. There’s half a loaf in the breadbin, so what do I do? Obviously, I can’t throw it away because food waste is a much more immediate issue we also need to deal with. So I think what I’ll do is try to stave off the desire to finish it off, which I would have been able to do in 30 minutes. And keep it for a visiting friend. But perhaps I’ll make them think twice about buying it until Soreen decides to use a sustainable source of fat to produce this most delectable of foods.

So shop bought biscuits, cakes, bread, chocolate and non-natural buttery spreads are all now either off the menu, or at least check the packaging before you buy.

Sustainable palm is often found on the ingredients list of some packaging. Well, if you absolutely have to, at least you’re thinking about it, but it’s not 100% given that it’s really helping the situation. And well, make your own biscuits and cakes and just eat non-processed stuff. Simple.

There is one exception to my self-inflicted palm oil ban, and it will only last a couple more days or so. There’s a plastic tub of butter alternative in my mum’s fridge. It’s been there for months and is just out of its best before date. It needs to be finished. Luckily, there are two almost full pats of organic butter bought in the market from a local dairy producer awaiting me when I finally get it out of the way. Can’t wait. That’s why I run mainly, so I can eat butter. And cheese and red wine, palm oil free.

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