Vintage revelation: inspired by wonderful people

I was feeling a bit dejected and deomoralised. I couldn’t wait for my husband to go on his business trip but then he goes and I’m left alone feeling like a spare part, rattling around in our tiny but suddenly that much bigger house. I started by sorting things that I’m going to sell at the car boot sale in Pimlico this weekend. I was overwhelmed after the first day, daytime tv never felt more appealing and I’d made a mess of our usually fairly clutter free home. There was an event in the evening to help me sort our mind out and I didn’t go. I got up the following morning feeling worse but struggled through, sorted out my emails, got through a load of other, not so urgent stuff. Anything not to go through all these things. I found some gems of course but it was an effort to list even those.

Wednesday evening came and a friend came over so we could go through my finances. We drank really rather a lot of wine, and it was suggested rather strongly that I wasn’t earning enough doing this paying hobby, that I couldn’t call it a job, and to please, accept any other job going.

The following morning was slightly better and I got around to listing a few things, it was great for an hour or so and then I got tired, it had been a late night. I ate chocolate and retired to my bed for a siesta. That didn’t really help my mindset although I did get up and list a few more things. A stunning North Face gilet, a Tommy Hilfiger Cardigan that didn’t seem that special until a girl in Finland contacted me really, really wanting it. An Argentinian polo player Handbag, stunning quality, no one will buy it I’m sure. A Gap jumper that I can’t even be bothered to list for the hassle.

Then I went to the event. A few people were brave enough to stand in front of the group and tell their stories, offer services or ask for help. And then I spoke to a few people, and asked for help in my decluttering business. I have some lovely vintage clothes that would like a good home, not just the back of someone’s cupboard because they didn’t value it because they paid too little for it. I got an absolute wealth of information. All hand written on post-it notes, mainly by Steven, thank you Steven! My request was for vintage or high end second hand clothing stores to help my decluttering business? These are the places I need to look up:

– Buy Button from Shopify ‘only buy once’ – I’ve googled it. It looks techie. I need to research.

– for furniture, there’s a place in Hull that helps to restore and resell furniture. I think this is Creations Direct Furniture Restore although their wesbsite doesn’t mention reselling.

– The Sue Ryder store in Camden sells high end second hand clothes.

– Esther Zimmer does walking tours to clothing shops. I’ve googled her, I’ll need to keep a look out for the next one, I’ve just missed one.

– there’s a vintage shop in Great Marlborough Street. I just googled that too. It’s called Beyond Retro. It doesn’t say where it gets its clothes from but that they restyle and repurpose them at their factory in India. Great idea.

– there’s also an amazing one in Goodge Street. A quick search shows it’s called Bang Bang. They accept 25-30% of their sale price. Definitely one to look into

– Blackout and Blackout 2 – great website and facebook page. I’ve ‘liked’ it, obvs.

– Time Out Magazine, I should know this, has a great little section on second hand and vintage stores.

– there’s a blog by Dawn O’Porter. Needless to say I’ll be following that.

– and Nastygal, need to look this one up

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I combine my passion for writing with updates on my decluttering business, which sometimes includes ebay sales. Yabber is 'ebay' written backwards-ish. And I do yabber on a bit.

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